North Pole Cornerstones exists because of these two incredible, fabulous, pioneers in Christmas education.

Santa Gordon

Last Sleigh Ride April 2023

Santa Gordon Bailey was born on March 10th, 1955. He worked retail and management positions most of his life. Santa Gordon first portrayed Santa when he was in the second grade; he was a trained clown and since then he portrayed the roles of a Magician, Wizard, Clown, Ogre, Tooth Fairy, Balloon Twister, and a Face and Body Painter. He had been a member of the Magic Castle #9002, a member of AORBS until 2008, FORBS through 2012, IBRBS until his passing. Also a member of Nationwide Santas #R1. Gordon lectured and taught many subjects pertaining to various fields of the entertainment industry.  

In 2014, Gordon decided to start his own traveling school for Christmas Entertainers. He wrote many blogs through the years and then formulated them into a series of text books that became the backbone and curriculum for the school, Santa and the Business of being Santa ( SatBobS ). At Gordon’s passing, he had five instructors covering the lower 48 states as well as Canada. Gordon was inducted into the prestigious “Santa Claus Hall of Fame” in December 2019, and took his last sleigh ride April 8, 2023. 

Santa Nana

Last Sleigh Ride July 2016

Lucky Royse (Santa Nana) was an independent female performer who portrayed Santa’s sister for more than 15 years. Being Santa’s sister, she had the opportunity to live where she pleased and celebrate all Holidays. As a Claus, her passion was decorating and spreading the spirit of Christmas all year round. She could also assist Santa and Mrs. Claus whenever they needed her.

After attending several Christmas schools and speaking with many female Christmas performers, she recognized the need for education for women in the Christmas community. Having been a paralegal, she threw herself into research on the origins of Santa and Mrs. Claus and the significance of women and their role in the legends of Christmas. She then designed a curriculum from a lady’s point of view that was also beneficial for all holiday performers. She launched the first Santa Nana’s Holiday University in January 2016, over Skype.

Lucky passed away in July 2016. Today, SNHU continues her legacy by building on her innovative foundation and delivering  sessions across the country. To date, more than 200 Christmas performers have attended Santa Nana’s Holiday University to experience her different and unexpected point of view.